The Renaissance in Arezzo

One week to learn Italian
and discover the beauty of Piero’s paintings

A course dedicated to the master of Renaissance art, to a figure that in the history of Italian art has been capable of embracing and interpreting the new stimuli of his time, to a painter whose perfect and magnificent art is still alive centuries later: Piero della Francesca.

An eclectic and leading figure in Arezzo in the fifteenth century, Piero, as we call him today in Tuscany, had great influence in Renaissance culture. At his time, his works were ‘modern’ and new and had an amazing impressive communicative power that is still vivid today. He brought his art in the courts of Italy but he remained an independent thinker and artist, free to express himself with his own language.

During the course, we will visit the places where he left his most important artistic traces. Born in Sansepolcro and active in Arezzo, Piero has left us an invaluable heritage, from which the Piero della Francesca trail originates. We celebrate this fantastic artist everyday with all the courses of our school, named after him, and in particular with this original cultural and linguistic experience. However, we recommend the course only to those who have a B1 – or higher - Italian linguistic level (check it at:


Our course “Along the Piero della Francesca trail” is a one-week course intended for a minimum of 3 people and held in Italian.

In the morning: grammar & reading

In the morning: grammar & reading

In the morning, we will study Italian language, focusing on Piero della Fracesca’s works and artistic personality. All our teachers are native speakers, graduated and qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language. Their lessons always fit for the linguistic level of the group and will provide you with the linguistic tools to critically discuss Piero’s works.

The places of Piero della Francesca

The places of Piero della Francesca

After the morning lessons and a typical Tuscan lunch, in the afternoon we’ll discover the places where Piero della Francesca has left the sign of his artistic trace with paintings and frescoes of incomparable beauty. Along the Piero della Francesca trail, we’ll visit:

  • Monterchi and the Madonna del Parto Museum
  • Arezzo with the Bacci Chapel frescoes in the Basilica of San Francesco (La leggenda della Vera Croce) and the Cathedral (Santa Maria Maddalena)
  • Sansepolcro and its civic museum (Resurrezione di Cristo – Polittico della Misericordia)


Our course "Along the Piero della Francesca Trail" lasts one week and is available on these scheduled dates. The course requires a minimum of 3 students.

Do not hesitate to send us an email to request the detailed program of each scheduled course.

Are you a group of at least three people and are you interested in our course "Along the Piero della Francesca Trail" but you can’t attend it on the scheduled dates? Write us when you would like to come and we’ll do our best to satisfy your needs with a personalized "Along the Piero della Francesca Trail" course !

  • minimum 3 students
Eur. 560

Isn’t it enough

Our course "Along the Piero della Francesca trail" lasts one week and can be part of a longer study trip. Indeed, you can mix this full-immersion on Piero’s art to one of our Italian language courses, held both in small groups and privately.

If you want something more, you can also add an afternoon cultural course to your morning language course. You can choose from a cooking course, a painting course or a stone carving course (for beginners).


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