Free your creativity in the cradle of Renaissance

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Fantastic painting holidays in Italy!

The Casentino valley, land of enchanted landscapes and unspoiled nature, so close to the great artistic cities of Florence and Arezzo, has still been inspiring painters’ artistic creativity.

The gentle slopes of springy green hills, the red and yellow autumn livery of the woods, the mountains, the fields of golden wheat or of tall sunflowers, the ruins of remote abbeys, the castles and the hamlets at sunset or under the clear starry summer night skies are the subjects of many painters’ works who populate the streets of Poppi, Bibbiena and Stia: generations of artists who have found in the Casentino valley the ideal place to paint.

Your painting holidays in Tuscany are the occasion to create your piece of art surrounded and inspired by the beauty and peace of these places, under the expert guide of the Master Walter Venturini. In his workshop, you’ll experiment the exhilaration of painting, cheerfully improving your technical skills in contact with the Master.

The lessons of our painting course in Tuscany do not concern the theoretical study of painting techniques and do not deal with long introductions to tools and materials. Instead, they are a moment of free creativity and sharing, according to the spirit of our school.


Our Painting in Tuscany program lasts two weeks and consists of 4 two-hour afternoon classes. The course is intended for a maximum of 5 people and is held in Italian. On request and previous quote acceptance, the school can arrange a simultaneous translation service in English.

Free your creativity surrounded by the most beautiful Tuscan landscapes

Free your creativity surrounded by the most beautiful Tuscan landscapes

The course focuses on the oil on canvas painting technique and is held in Master Walter Venturini’s workshop. The school will provide you with all the material and tools; you will only have to think about painting, inspired by the beauty of the Casentino valley landscapes.

As the days go by, from your first sketches to the last stroke, your piece of art will materialize. In practice, you’ll start painting from the very first hours of the course and live an incredible, fun experience having the Master by your side: you will learn how to express your art and how to improve your technical skills.

At the end of your painting experience in Tuscany you can bring home your piece of art with the unforgettable memory of two exciting weeks.


The activities of our Painting in Tuscany program last two weeks and are available on these scheduled dates.

  • 2 weekly lessons, each of two hours, in classes of max 5 students
Eur. 280

Isn’t it enough?

Our painting course let you free to choose from many more fantastic linguistic experiences.

In the morning you can focus on learning Italian with one of our Italian language courses, both in small groups or privately. Attending one of our cultural courses, indeed, is a good way to improve your speaking skills, while morning lessons are fundamental for grammar and lexical knowledge.

During your study trip in Casentino, you have the opportunity to choose from one of our cultural courses too (cooking course, stone carving course, painting course): real immersion experiences that last two weeks.

On the day of your arrival at school, we’ll arrange your schedule, giving you the possibility of easily attending both the morning language courses and the afternoon cultural programs.


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