Discover the most famous Casentino valley century-old art form

Your next creative experience in Tuscany?
An original stone carving course for beginners!

Stone carving is a traditional artistic craft widely popular in our valley, but its heart is in the village of Strada in Casentino, where the most important international exhibition takes place. It’s around the streets of this village that local artisans keep this handcrafted art form still alive.

In the school, language and culture are indissolubly connected. In this way, every creative and cultural experience is an occasion of linguistic improvement. That’s how a unique course was born, conceived for those who want to learn a traditional form of artistic expression. During our stone carving program for beginners you’ll learn the basic techniques and experience the pleasure of spending a few hours with a real artist in stone carving.

Inside his picturesque workshop, Master Alessandro Rialti will guide you during a really original journey. Descendant of one of the three most important families of local artisan stone carvers, the Master is an artisan-artist who keeps the stone carving tradition of Alto Casentino alive becoming the guardian of a local century-old lore.


Our Stone Carving program for beginners program lasts two weeks and consists of 4 three-hour afternoon classes. The course is intended for a maximum of 5 people and is held in Italian. On request and previous quote acceptance, the school can arrange a simultaneous translation service in English.

Are you ready to learn the craft of stone carving?

Are you ready to learn the craft of stone carving?

The course is composed of an introductive theoretical part on stone carving and of a practical one, in which you will create your object. Firstly, Master Rialti will show you his tools and the different types of stone: the pietra forte, which resembles the color of iron and was widely used in medieval Florence; the pietra macigno, a variety of which is the pietra serena, a pale sky-blue in colour, and the pietra bigia, a brownish soil-grey tinged stone, both used by Filippo Brunelleschi in Florence in 1400.

After this introductive section, time has come to sketch out your piece of art and to start carving the stone with your hands. The Master will be an attentive guide during your creative adventure, in which you will have the opportunity of learning an ancient artisan technique while being in contact with the Italian language.

The school will provide you with all the material for the course and at the end of it, you can bring home your piece of art.


Our stone carving course lasts two weeks and is available on these scheduled dates.

  • 2 weekly lessons, each of three hours, in classes of max 5 students
Eur. 370

Isn’t it enough?

Our stone carving course let you free to choose from many more fantastic linguistic experiences.

In the morning you can focus on learning Italian with one of our Italian language courses, both in small groups or privately. Attending one of our cultural courses, indeed, is a good way to improve your speaking skills, while morning lessons are fundamental for grammar and lexical knowledge.

During your study trip you have the opportunity to choose from one of our cultural courses too (cooking course, stone carving course, painting course): real immersion experiences that last two weeks.

On the day of your arrival at school, we’ll arrange your schedule giving you the possibility of easily attending both the morning language courses and the afternoon cultural programs.


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