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Piero della Francesca-Flagellazione - CCIC Italian language and culture school

Piero della Francesca: an indisputable cornerstone of Renaissance art, but, above all, an artist able to seize the stimuli and entreaties of the culture of his time, leaved an indelible mark in the history of art; "scienziato per essere miglior pittore" (a man of science in order to be a better painter), creator of a painting style that goes beyond time, perfect and imperceptible, mysterious and strong; a painter with an extraordinary abstract capacity which searches the universe’s mathematical relationship and the purity of its components; where love for man becomes simplicity, grandeur; a reserve which now appears impassable, and yet communicative.

Piero della Francesca will be the protagonist of a seminar at the C.C.I.C. which will take place in Poppi.

A series of meetings will be conducted which center around the person of Piero and his art on view in the region. In additon, an in-depth study of Piero’s ability to influence the culture of the time, his decisive contribution to the formation of contemporary artists, and his role as ambassador of the new style and new ideas in the principal Italian courts, while nonetheless maintaining an absolute autonomy of life and thought by escaping from the role of court painter, will be discussed.

The course unravels a fascinating journey which, departing from Piero’s place of origin, accompanies the student through the Renaissance courts, reconstructing their climate, culture, protagonists, exchanges and encounters, by way of the figure of the Master and the echoes of his art.
From his birth place in Sansepolcro with the Resurrezione di Cristo and the Polittico della Misericordia, seen as an early manifesto of a new painting style, and then to Arezzo with the fresco cycle of the Leggenda della Vera Croce, unanimously considered Piero’s masterpiece, to the beautiful Santa Maria Maddalena in the Cathedral and continuing on to Monterchi, with the fascinating Madonna del Parto, in an evironment that maintains the tastes and colors of the time, these are moments which must not be missed. The journey to the discovery of Piero and his world then continues to Urbino where, at the home of the Montefeltro family, he dedicates himself to writing the treatise on prospective De prospectiva pingendi which will leave clear repercussions in the works of Laurana and where he paints the Flagellazione di Cristo and the splendid Madonna di Senigallia.

Almost like a sign of fate, Piero dies on 12 October 1492, the same day as the discovery of America, in which — according to historical convention — the Middle Ages end and the Modern Age begins.

Study Seminar

In Poppi, the C.C.I.C. "Piero della Francesca" – Centro di Cultura Italiana Casentino will organize a one-week study seminar on the Renaissance painting master.

The seminar, not aimed at specialists, has an historic character. Its objective is to get the participants to examine and interpret Piero della Francesca’s painting, starting from the analysis of its iconographic elements and clarifying those relationships with events and religious and political ideas of the time.

The program foresees four seminar meetings, two conferences of specialists invited by C.C.I.C., guided tours to the works of Piero della Francesca housed in Arezzo, Sansepolcro, Monterchi and Urbino.

The seminar is open to 15 participants for every session. It is reserved for those with a sufficient knowledge of Italian to follow a conference, ask questions and intervene in a discussion, and read texts of medium difficulty. At the end of each meeting, thirty minutes will be dedicated to linguistic assistance, in order to clarify any difficulty with vocabulary.

The C.C.I.C. provides participants a detailed program of the course, study material and an accurate bibliography.

Program of the Seminar



arrival in Poppi



meeting on "Piero and his time"


meeting on "Works by Piero in Arezzo"



Arezzo: visit to the paintings by Piero in the Bacci Chapel of the Church of San Francesco and in the Cathedral



meeting on "Works by Piero in Sansepolcro and Monterchi"


conference "Fresco techniques"


conference "Fresco restoration techniques"



Sansepolcro: visit to the paintings by Piero in the Civic Museum


Monterchi: visit to the paintings by Piero in the Museum of the Madonna del Parto



Urbino: visit to the paintings by Piero in the National Gallery of the Marche


Urbino: visit to the Ducal Palace



meeting on "Piero and his contemporaries"


farewell dinner




Price of Seminar

462,00 Euro.

The price includes:

the seminar meetings and linguistic assistance, conference fees, guided tours, transportation for the visits to Arezzo, Sansepolcro, Monterchi and Urbino, the farewell dinner.

The price does not include:

admission to the museums and churches, meals not specifically included in the entry "the price includes", accomodations and everything not included in the entry "the price includes".

Calendar of Seminars (please click here)


During the stay in Poppi, the guests of the C.C.I.C. have the possibility of choosing among a vast range of accomodations, in the historic center or in the immediate vicinity.

The participants may stay with an Italian family, lodge in a single or double room in an apartment of 2-3 rooms to be shared with other students, occupy an entire apartment alone or with friends and family, stay in a farm house in the beautiful Casentino countryside or in one of the hotels located in Poppi.

The secretary at the C.C.I.C. will supply, upon request, information, lists and prices of the rooms, available apartments, farm houses and hotels where it is possible to stay, and will take care of any reservations.

Upon arrival, the participants will receive a list of the restaurants in Casentino, one of the most renowned valleys in Tuscany in terms of traditional cuisine, typical dishes and geniune ingredients.


The registration deadline is 15 days before the starting date of the chosen seminar.
Registration deposit of Euro 200,00 (please note that we can only accept payments made in EURO and NOT in EURO equivalent; please ask your financial institution for assistance) to be paid by bank transfer "without expenses for the recipient"
To account number: 2685.31 (ABI 1030 and CAB 71582.1)
Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Ponte a Poppi (AR)
Swift code: PASC IT MM
IBAN: IT 46 I 01030 71582 000000268531
Any additional bank expense must be reimbursed by the participant.
Kindly indicate in the payment details the name of the participant and the chosen seminar.
Complete the registration form and send it with a copy of the registration deposit receipt to the secretary of the C.C.I.C. via fax to the following number: ++39 0575 529774.
The secretary will confirm your registration in a timely manner.
In the event of cancellation up to three (3) weeks before the beginning of the course, 2/3 (two-thirds) of the deposit will be reimbursed. After this time, the entire deposit will be forfeited.
The seminars will take place only if the minimum number of 4 participants is reached. In case of annulment of the seminar, the registration deposit will be returned in full to the registered participants.

Bookings and Information

For information and bookings, please do not hesitate to contact the school’s registry office:
Phone: 0039 0575 529774
Fax: 0039 0575 529774


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