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The C.C.I.C. "Piero della Francesca" - Centro di Cultura Italiana Casentino has been a school of Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners since 1982. Our Courses are held in Casentino, a splendid Tuscan valley, famous for its connections with Dante Alighieri, rich in medieval castles and romanic churches within the National Park of the Casentino Forests.

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The school has its centre in the historical town of Poppi, a medieval village which retains the traces of a noble past and which has been recognized as one of "I BORGHI PIU' BELLI D'ITALIA" (The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy) by the National Association of Italian Municipalities – ANCI.

The C.C.I.C. "Piero della Francesca" carries out its role as cultural operator under the patronage of the Comunità Montana of Casentino and of Poppi Council.

The C.C.I.C. boasts a well established staff of qualified, highly experienced, Italian Language teachers.

The Italian Language Courses are held in the morning and are supplemented in the afternoon by an intense program of cultural activity, in the environment of which the students – under the guidance of the same language teachers – come into contact with different historical, architectural and naturalistic aspects of Casentino.

Our courses of Italian Language and Culture take place in a friendly and informal atmosphere, in direct contact with the daily life of Poppi.
The students are immersed in a family-like atmosphere both in and out of the classroom. In the shops, in the bars and on the street, the inhabitants of Poppi are always ready to answer a question or to offer a bit of information or explanation to our students, helping them to overcome with ease the psychological barrier of speaking a foreign language.
From their very first day in Poppi the students of Italian practice the communicative approach which is the basis of the school's teaching method.

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