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The Italian language school for foreigners known as the Centro di Cultura Italiana «Piero della Francesca» was founded in 1980 by a group of teachers in collaboration with Poppi's municipal administration. Italian language programs!

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Our courses take place in a friendly, informal ambience, in direct contact with the everyday life of the little city of Poppi. The students are immersed in a family-like atmosphere both in and out of the classroom. In the shops, in the bars and on the street, the inhabitants of Poppi are always ready to answer a question or to offer a bit of information or explanation to our students, helping them to overcome with ease the psychological barrier of speaking a foreign language. From their very first day in Poppi the students of Italian practice the communicative approach which is the basis of the school's teaching method.

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Worth - the inquisitive traveller
Poppi: Say "Bella!". Poppi, perched over the placid Arno, (...) has one arcaded medieval square, one crenellated pip of a castle and one very small-scale Italian studies programme for stranieri (foreigners). What better place to polish one's Italian than in a one-piazza town? (Sandy Mac Donald)

San Francisco Chronicle
Follow the Reader, June 17, 2001
Each spring for the past three years, we have attended a small, exciting Italian language school in Poppi, a small hill town in the valley of the Casentino, source of the river Arno. The Casentino, in northeastern Tuscany between Florence and Arezzo, is a wide, lush valley surrounded by a ring of mountains (...). Two or three afternoons each week, there are field trips to neighboring towns, markets, monasteries, churches and historic spots. Each trip includes lunch at local restaurants. One evening per session, the students cook dinner with a local cooking celebrity in her 500-year-old home. The classes are relaxed and designed for serious students at any level. The community is prosperous and friendly. There are few tourists, and English is rarely spoken. Much of the learning comes from just doing your daily shopping. (...) PETER and DEBBIE RUGH, BERKELEY

The London Times Educational Supplement
(...) I entered the second week of study. A day or so later I noticed something odd happening. We were making many friends among the Poppesi, those who ran the shops and those who joined us in the evening at the bar. They enjoyed letting us practice on them, but now they had begun to speak very clearly. I was puzzled. Had they collectively been to elocution lessons? The Germans noticed the same thing, and in a dawning revelation as splendid as a Casentino moonrise, we arrived at the same conclusion: the Poppesi were the same: it is we who had changed. (Linda Proud)

ARD - "Ratgeber Reise"
(...) ein verträumter Ort, der vom Tourismus noch weitgehend verschont ist: Poppi, unser 4. Tip für Sprachferien. Das Zentrum, etwas grösser als eine Wohnstube; im Sommer ist hier sonntags Antiquitätenmarkt (...) Im kleinen Poppi sind alle aufs Redebrechen eingestellt; Sprachhilfe leisten der Metzger, der Modeverkäufer und auch das Fräulein vom Alimentari-Laden.

Hessischer Rundfunk Fernsehen 3. Programm
"Nix wie raus: Sprachschulen"
Die Sprachschule "Piero della Francesca"; eine ideale Verbindung von Urlaub, Lernen und Verstehen der Sprache und Kultur einer wunderschönen Region; der Toskana in und um Poppi.

Frankfurter Rundschau
Wer tatsächlich lernen und dabei etwas über Land und Leute erfahren möchte, ist bei der Sprachschule "Piero della Francesca" gut aufgehoben (...) Die Lehrer gesellen sich nachmittags zu denen, die Lust auf einen Ausflug haben, zu etruskischen Gräbern, zu den pievi romaniche...; oder ein Besuch gilt dem in Tannenwäldern versteckten, hochgelegenen Kloster Camaldoli einst unter Lorenzo "il Magnifico" ein hochgerühmter Ort humanistischer Gelehrsamkeit, der heute für seine Bibiliothek und die heilkundlichen Mittel berühmt ist. (Michaela Wunderle)

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