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The school offers Italian language and culture courses from March through November. The courses are held in the morning, and are supplemented with conversation practice, seminars and excursions in the afternoon. Our courses take place in a friendly, informal ambience, in direct contact with the everyday life of the little city of Poppi.

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Latin Courses

Seminars on Piero della Francesca

Seminars on Dante Alighieri in Casentino

Painting Courses

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Italian Language Courses

This course is designed for those who wish to learn or to improve their knowledge of Italian language.
The lessons comprise language-grammar sessions and periods of conversation practice.
Classes are divided into five levels, depending on the results of the students' entry test: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced.
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Latin Courses

The lessons concentrate on phonetics and morphology, paying particular attention to the syntax constructions (infinitive, time clauses, causative clauses, final and consecutive clauses) which permit the translation of texts which are not too difficult.
The method used is first of all the reading and comprehension of sentences and short passages in latin, in order to arrive at the learning and formulation of the underlying grammatical rules, gaining in this way the fundamental elements of latin culture and literature.
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Italian Language Courses on Lyrical Opera

The Course comprises the study of the libretti of the various operas, including reference to their lexical and grammatical content. Students will listen to some of the more outstanding arias.
This Course has been prepared for those students who already have a good knowledge of the Italian language and who wish to deepen and perfect their understanding through the study of lyrical opera.
>> Italian Language Courses on Lyrical Opera

Cookery Courses

The Course consists in the study of recipes, the preparation of ingredients and the creation of Italian dishes, including those typical of Casentino under the guidance of an expert chef.
The Course has been arranged in meetings each of three hours.
At the end of every meeting there will be a dinner during which the students will taste the meal prepared by themselves.
>> Cookery Courses

Painting Courses

The engaging teaching method which CCIC has developed for its painting classes is based on students’ creative participation in the learning process.
Indeed, students will engage in the realization of an actual work of art under their Maestro’s direction. Such work will gradually take shape, from the drawing of the subject to the finishing stroke.
>> Painting Courses

Courses in Stone Workmanship

The Course consists in the theory and practice of manual work techniques in stone.
The lessons are particularly for those who wish to learn and improve their knowledge in this very important expressive form of traditional Casentino culture.
>> Courses in Stone Workmanship


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