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Casentino, land of enchanted landscapes and uncontaminated nature, so close to great cities of art such as Arezzo and Florence , has been and still is an inspirer of artistic creativity.


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The gentle slopes of the green spring hills, the woods’ shades of red and yellow during their autumnal livery, the mountains, the fields tilled with golden wheat or sunflowers, the ruins of isolated abbeys, the castles and small villages at sunset and during clear and starry summer nights, are the subjects of many painters’ work.

These artists are present, with their expositions and studios, in the ancient roads of the medieval villages of Poppi, Bibbiena and Stia.

Many generations of artists have found the ideal place where to paint in Casentino.

Maestro Walter Venturini, who lives and works in Castel San Niccolò and Bibbiena, is among these painters.

The Course

Our painting classes do not include the theoretical study of painting techniques, or long introductions to painting methodologies and to the way to use tools and instruments.

The engaging teaching method which CCIC has developed for its painting classes is based on students’ creative participation in the learning process.

Indeed, students will engage in the realization of an actual work of art under their Maestro’s direction. Such work will gradually take shape, from the drawing of the subject to the finishing stroke.

In this way, students will experience oil painting on canvas from the very first lesson and they will improve their technique through a direct and constant contact with their Maestro, in a playful educational experience.

While carrying out a painting, the teaching and learning processes are thus combined, thanks to the Maestro directing, correcting and guiding his students in their immediate testing on canvas of the concepts explained just before.

The learning of painting techniques is facilitated by a specifically planned sequence of the various lessons of the course.

At the end of the course students will leave Poppi bringing not only their painting with them, but also the indelible memory of an exciting experience.

The course is based on the use of oil paints on canvas.

The course lasts two weeks and consists of four lessons of two hours each, which means a total of eight hours.

Lessons will take place in the afternoon in Maestro Walter Venturini’s workshop.

Materials and tools for the course will be provided by the CCIC.


Painting Course - for two weeks
(4 lessons each of 2 hours)


Painting Course - for four weeks
(8 lessons each of 2 hours)


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Bookings and Information

For information and bookings, please do not hesitate to contact the school’s registry office:
Phone: 0039 0575 529774
Fax: 0039 0575 529774


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