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The school offers Italian language courses from March through November. Each course lasts two weeks, with a total of 40 lessons.

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Italian Language Courses at CCIC - Italian Language and Culture School
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The courses are held in the morning, and are supplemented with conversation practice, seminars and excursions in the afternoon. The 4 daily lessons, each 50 minutes long, are subdivided into two blocks with two different teachers. A 30-minute break is scheduled between the two blocks.
On the first Monday of the course, the participants are divided into homogeneous groups, based on a short written test and a brief conversation with the teachers. Each class has four or five students on average, with a limit of eight.

There are 6 levels scheduled for the language courses:
A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

The primary objective of the course is to develop proficiency in the spoken language, with constant attention to the written form and to grammatical aspects. Working in small groups encourages communication and stimulates active participation from all members of the class. During the lesson only Italian is spoken, even at the Elementary 1 level. The presence of two teachers who alternate in the classes favors a high level of academic progress. Our teachers make wide use of material especially designed by the school to complement the textbook. Newspaper articles, audio-visual material, expressive games and theatrical techniques help bring the language alive. The teachers are also present at the afternoon activities: common lunches and dinners, excursions and guided visits, meetings with local artists and artisans. This makes for a vital link between classwork and outside activities.

Group Courses

Standard Course: 20 weekly lessons in classes of 5 to 8 students.
This course is designed for those who wish to learn or to improve their knowledge of Italian language.
The lessons comprise language-grammar sessions and periods of conversation practice.

Trio Course: 20 weekly lessons in classes of 3 to 4 students.
This course has been organized to satisfy those who wish to gain a quicker more personalized understanding of Italian language.
The course begins automatically if the minimum number of 5 students - necessary for the Standard Course - is not reached.

Duo Course: 20 weekly lessons in classes of 2 students.
This course has been planned for those who desire a more efficient and highly personalized instruction.
The course begins automatically if the minimum number of 3 students - necessary for the Trio Course - is not reached.

Intensive Course: 20 weekly group lessons in the classroom + 5 individual weekly lessons.
This course is aimed at satisfying those who wish to learn and perfect their knowledge of Italian, linking the benefit derived from the group lessons to the deepening of their knowledge through the individual lessons.

Individual Courses

Individual courses can be arranged throughout the year.
The length of the course (minimum 1 week) and the number of lessons per day (minimum 2) can be tailored to suit the student's requirements.


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