Since 1982, Italian Language and Culture courses,
Cooking classes and Art classes in the magical
and friendly atmosphere of Poppi.
An exciting experience in the tastes and the culture
of an historic Tuscan valley.

We are working under the Patronage of:
Italian Language School - Comunità Montana del Casentino

Comunità Montana del Casentino
(Thirteen municipalities of the Casentino caring about protection, conservation and improvement of the Casentino valley)

Italian Language School in Italy - Comune di Poppi

City of Poppi
(The historic capital of an ancient region of Tuscany called Casentino)

Poppi has been recognized as one of
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
(The most beautiful Villages in Italy)

Italian Language School in Italy - I Borghi più belli d'Italia

Our Courses

The school offers Italian language and culture courses. Group courses are available from March through November and Individual courses can be arranged throughout the year. The courses are held in the morning, and are supplemented with conversation practice, seminars and excursions in the afternoon. Our courses take place in a friendly, informal ambience, in direct contact with the everyday life of the little city of Poppi.
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Latin Courses

The lessons concentrate on phonetics and morphology, paying particular attention to the syntax constructions (infinitive, time clauses, causative clauses, final and consecutive clauses) which permit the translation of texts which are not too difficult.
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Course of Italian Language
and Tastes of Casentino

The Courses are arranged to guide participants in the study of the language and culture of Italy at the same time introducing them to "The Tastes of Casentino" offering them traditional Tuscan and Casentino dishes using local well-known, typical products.
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Painting Courses

Our painting classes do not include the theoretical study of painting techniques, or long introductions to painting methodologies and to the way to use tools and instruments.
The engaging teaching method which CCIC has developed for its painting classes is based on students’ creative participation in the learning process.
Indeed, students will engage in the realization of an actual work of art under their Maestro’s direction. Such work will gradually take shape, from the drawing of the subject to the finishing stroke.
The course is based on the use of oil paints on canvas.
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Italian Language Course

This course is designed for students who wish to learn or to improve their knowledge of Italian language.
The lessons comprise language-grammar sessions and periods of conversation practice.
The participants are divided into homogeneous groups, based on a short written test and a brief conversation with the teachers. Each class has four or five students on average, with a limit of eight.
There are 6 levels scheduled for the Italian Language courses: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.
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Seminar on Piero della Francesca

One-week study seminar on the Renaissance painting master, which will take place in the early summer of 2016.
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Seminar on Dante Alighieri

Study seminar on Dante Alighieri entitled "Dante Alighieri in Casentino: moments of Dante's human, political and artistic experience".
This one-week seminar will take place two times in the summer of 2016.
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The Course comprises the study of the libretti of the various operas, including reference to their lexical and grammatical content. Students will listen to some of the more outstanding arias.
This Course has been prepared for those students who already have a good knowledge of the Italian language and who wish to deepen and perfect their understanding through the study of lyrical opera.
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The Course consists in the study of recipes, the preparation of ingredients and the creation of Italian dishes, including those typical of Casentino under the guidance of an expert chef.
The Course will be followed by a dinner during which the students will taste the meal prepared.
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The Course consists in the theory and practice of manual work techniques in stone.
The lessons are particularly for students who wish to learn and improve their knowledge in this very important expressive form of traditional Casentino culture.
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A tavola con gli insegnanti
During their stay at Poppi the students enjoy lunch and dinner together with their teachers in typical Casentino restaurants. These convivial moments give the students an opportunity to savour the gastronomic specialities of Casentino, to practise their conversation and to deepen their knowledge of spoken Italian.

Approfondimenti culturali
Together with our teachers, students can appreciate the very significant local history and culture visiting Poppi and other medieval villages with their parish churches and castles. The two great monasteries of the Casentino: Camaldoli, founded in the 11th Century, and La Verna, founded by San Francesco of Assisi in the 13th century. The great frescoes of Piero della Francesca at Arezzo. The National Park of Casentino Forests.

Cucinare insieme
With the help of a local expert cook and in a family atmosphere, the students take part in the preparation of typical Tuscan specialities.
The resulting dishes are subsequently savoured by the students, accompanied by their teachers and friends.
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C.C.I.C. "Piero della Francesca"
Centro di Cultura Italiana Casentino

Italian Language and Culture School

Learn Italian among castles, history and ancient villages of the Casentino valley while enjoying the green landscape
of the National Park of the Casentino Forests.
Italian language and culture school in Tuscany.

Learn Italian in Poppi.

Italian Language School in Italy

"Piero della Francesca"

Learn Italian in Italy in Poppi, Casentino

Study Italian in Italy -

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Learn the language and culture of Italy while enjoying the green landscape in the heart of Tuscany.
Tuscan cookery courses,
Italian Language courses on
Lyrical Opera
and courses in Stone Workmanship.

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We offer a wide range of high quality Italian language courses
for beginners up to Italian language advanced students.

Learn Italian while learning the Italian culture
Learn Italian culture while learning the Italian way of living

Come to Poppi to attend one of our
Italian language programs in Italy!
We offer many exciting Italian language programs from
Italian standard language course to Italian intensive language course up to Italian individual tuition.
People from all over the world come to Casentino to learn the Italian language and to study the Italian culture and way of living.

Our standard courses last 2 weeks at all levels (Italian language courses calendar) and you can stay as long as you want.

Most of our students come through recommendations of former participants who have appreciated the high quality
of our Italian language and culture school:

  • Our highly effective instruction method is designed to develop proficiency in the spoken language, with constant attention to the written form and to grammatical aspects.
  • The students are immersed in a family-like atmosphere both in and out of the classroom.
  • Our teachers are enthusiastic, dynamic and highly qualified.
  • Office staff and teachers are always ready to help.
  • Very small groups from all over the world. Each class has 4 or 5 students on average, with a limit of 8 participants.
  • Our teachers are present at the afternoon activities: common lunches and dinners, excursions and guided visits, meetings with local artists and artisans.
  • Our courses take place in a friendly, informal ambience, in direct contact with the everyday life of the old city centre of Poppi.
  • Poppi, the seat of our school, was in ancient time the capital of an historical region of Tuscany called Casentino, today is an ideal base for excursions into the National Park of the Casentino Forests.
  • Our competitive prices.

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Italian Language School in Italy C.C.I.C. "Piero della Francesca"

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